Marie-Monique Robin at Erga organic farm in 2009

Marie-Monique Robin:

New film 2nd March

How can we feed 9 billion people on earth in 2050, without using pesticides in food production? Learn more on 2nd March in Sandnes, when the new film of Rachel Carson Prize winner 2009, Marie-Monique Robin, is presented.

It will be screened at KinoKino in Sandnes Saturday 2 March at 14.15. English version, duration 96 minutes. NOK 70 to be paid at the entrance.

The film was first shown on French-German Arte TV in October 2012 and has since then been presented in several countries. Robin has travelled across the globe to document examples of agro-ecological farming methods, which provide much higher yields than the "conventional" agriculture, based on chemical input. The UN reporter on the right to food, Mr. Olivier de Schutter, claims that this is the only thinkable solution for the future.

Her renowned film "The world according to Monsanto" (2008) was followed by "Our daily poison" in 2010. It addresses health injures caused by the use of pesticides among farmers, and from food additives such as Aspartame and hormone imitating plastic substances like Bisphenol-A.

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