Marilyn Mehlmann - Rachel Carson Prize representative in Freiburg

The 2nd International Convention of Environmental Laureates is taking place from 14 -17 March 2013 in Freiburg, Germany.

Theme: "New Coalitions - To Address Limits to Growth"

Environmental award winners:

Rachel Carson Prize at international conference

Laureates of 42 international environmental awards, among them the Rachel Carson Prize, have been invited to a conference in March. Marilyn Mehlmann, the winner from 2011, will represent the Rachel Carson Prize.

Along with the UN "Champions of the Earth Award", Volvo Environment Prize, Der Deutsche Umweltpreis, the Sophie Prize and other renowned awards, the Rachel Carson Prize is one of the "prestiguous international environmental prizes" that have been invited to the event.

The conference, "2nd International Convention of Environmental Laureates", will be held in Freiburg in Germany from 14 to 17 March. It is organized by the European Environment Foundation, located in Basel in Switzerland.

The International Convention of Environmental Laureates serves as an academic platform for laureates of international environmental prizes to exchange information, make new acquaintances and engage in informal discussions. Centred on a different theme each year, the conventions want to encourage consistently sustainable policies at a European and international level.

This year's theme is "The limits to growth and Green growth", and professor Jørgen Randers from the Norwegian Business University BI and former director of the United Nations Environment Program, Mr. Klaus Töpfer, are among the speakers. The laureates will take part in round table discussions and panels, and they will also meet students and young researchers. A tour across the "green city" of Freiburg - one of the most recognizes sustainable cities world wide - is also included in the program.

- We are very proud that the Rachel Carson Prize has been noticed internationally, and that we have been invited to this conference, says chair of the board, Gabriele Brennhaugen. - Our latest award winner, Marilyn Mehlmann, is a great representative, with a "down to earth" approach to protecting nature and the environment. She spreads optimism and practical tools for action, says Brennhaugen.