The Board of the Rachel Carson Prize

The Board is, according to the by-laws, the supreme governing body of the association. The Board consists of 6 - 8 women. It elects its own Chairwoman and Vice-Chair.The Board supplements itself. The Board will provide the Prize sum, means for administration and other expenses through public contributions, sponsorships and financial grants. Furthermore, it appoints the Prize jury every two years. The Board members are elected for two years, and all work is done on a volunteer basis.

 This is the board of the Rachel Carson Prize as of November 2018:



Phone +47


Bodil Lande

Consultant - Sustainability 

9597 6357

Contact person

Torunn Larsen

Project manager, Rogaland Art Centre

9285 0298


Heather Bergsland

Prosject manager

906 47 190


Anne Elisabeth Carlsen

Freelance - Carlsen Cultural Connection

913 51 815


Anne-Tone Nag Fjermestad

HSE Supervisor, ConocoPhillips

904 08 017


Eline Damstuen Vigre

Freelance - Økoteket

926 84 821


Ingjerd H. Haarstad

Manager, swimming instructor

996 99 237


Please don't hesitate to contact us with your questions, suggestions or whatever! You may also send a letter to

Board of the Rachel Carson Prize
c/o Bodil Lande, Tinngt. 1, H0508
4014 Stavanger