Åshild Dale

Award winner 2003:

Åshild Dale

Åshild Dale, born in 1944, was awarded the Rachel Carson Prize 2003 for her long standing contributions to nature and the environment in the broader sense, both locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. Her most important achievements have been the realization of vital aspects in the field of nature- and culture conservation, where especially children and young people have been at center stage.

The prize was presented to her by Minister Hilde Frafjord Johnsson.

Through her work as a farmer and in her role as manager of natural and cultural resources from fjords to high mountains in central Norway, she has translated words like "Green Care", "watercourse conservation", "cultivated landscape and biological diversity", "mountain farming culture" and "international volunteering" into action. Her farm and mountain farm have been hosts to children and young people, Norwegian and foreign, who through practical work and active participation have acquired an understanding of biological diversity and green values. Nature and environmental management are central concepts in eveything she shares.

Åshild Dale has initiated a series of projects, which in the end led to the establishment of the national organization "Norsk Seterkultur" (Norwegian Mountain Farming Association). This is an organization that focuses on the crucial role of mountain farming in Norwegian agricultural traditions, and promotes an organic and biological sustainable management of common grounds resources in Norway - and in many other mountainous countries, which was dwindling, but which now is encompassed with dawning interest.

Åshild Dale has published popular science articles in a series of newspapers, magazines and television programmes, yearbooks, research reports (Nordland Research), FAO reports a.o.

In 2000 she won the international "Prize for Women's Creativity in Rural Life", presented by the Women's World Summit Foundation". Two years later, together with her husband, she received "Seterprisen 2002" (Mountain Farming Prize 2002) from the Royal Norwegian Society for Development.

Åshild Dale is a farmer and lives in Sunnmøre, she has studied business and tourism, and has work experience from tourism, Norwegian Trade Council and National Association of Local Newspapers. She has promoted green values since 1970.