Award winner 1995:

Anne Grieg

Anne Grieg was awarded the Rachel Carson Prize for her literary research and educational work on the consequences of pollution from radioactive substances, with particular reference to affected areas around the world.

Psychiatrist Anne Grieg, specialist in child and juvenile psychiatry, received the Rachel Carson Prize in 1995. Rogaland County Prefect Tora Aasland presented it to her.

Grieg has written articles, given papers and lectured in various fora on health hazards caused by nuclear testing and the effects of low radiation dosages on children's health. She built up an archive of documentation on health and environmental risks associated with nuclear technology.

She has worked in many fields and led numerous campaigns.

Selected works: "A World in Fear. From Despair to Solidarity. On the Threat of the A-bomb and Its Physiology" (1984), "Prescription For A Sick World" (1985), "Children of the Nuclear Age" (1987), "Health Hazards Caused By Radioactive Pollution To The Environment" (1990) and "Hiroshima - Never Again?" (1992).

Anne Grieg was an active campaigner for Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War. She died in 2006.