Bergljot Børresen, b. 1936, Dr. med.Vet, research fellow and lecturer at the Norwegian College of Veterinary Medicine. Member of the Norwegian Commission on Nuclear Safety, the Granli comittee, and the Norwegian Comittee on Xenotransplantation, The Gjørv comittee; in both instances focusing on the environmental consequences of these technologies. Founding member of Norwegian Physicians against Nuclear War.

Award winner 1993:

Bergljot Børresen

Dr. Med. Vet. Bergljot Børresen, born 1936, was the winner candidate of the Rachel Carson Prize in 1993. She is Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in the field of clinical pathophysiology.

Her global consciousness was awakened in the early sixties when she got involved in an educational project for women in Lima, Peru. As a young veterinary scientist she co-authored a political report on the environmental consequences of the incipient offshore oil industry.

Her work as a teacher in population genetics as well as her research in the field of clinical pathophysiology made her well equipped for her membership in the Norwegian Government's Commission on Nuclear Safety during the 1970s. In 1986 she was the first to alert the Norwegian community to the seriousness of the Chernobyl accident.

As a follow up to this work she was on the Board of the Norwegian Organization against Nuclear Weapons, as well as a co-founder of Norwegian Physicians against Nuclear Weapons.

Since receiving the Rachel Carson Prize in 1993 she has served on the Norwgian Committee on Xenotransplantation, and has published 7 books on the mental equipment that humans share with other animals, and the extensive human/animal interaction which has shaped the world's cultural and environmental destiny through 10.000 years.