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Award Winner 1997:

Berit Ås

Berit Ås was awarded the Rachel Carson Prize for her life long pioneering work for justice and quality of life for the weakest in our society, physically, mentally, economically and environmentally.

Professor in Social Psychology Berit Ås won the prize in 1997, and it was given to her by Managing Director Maury Devine of Mobil Exploration Norway Inc.

Professor Ås' pioneering work for a better environment spreads over many fields of society: feminism, children's and family policy, traffic security, anti-smoking, peace movement, political leadership, education a.o.

She has worked as a popular educator, lecturer in Norway and guest lecturer abroad. She became the first woman to chair a political party (Democratic Socialists (AIK) in Norway, and later the first leader of the Socialist Left Party; but the most important memorial to her efforts is the foundation of a Feminist University.

Berit Ås is Honorary Doctor of the Universities in Copenhagen and in Halifax, and in 1997 she was made Knight of the Order of St. Olav of 1st. degree.

Selected works:"Our Means of Transportation And Its Costs" (1971), "On Female Culture" (1975), "The 5 Suppression Techniques" (1976), "Influencing Social Climate with Regard to Smoking" (1979), "The Feminist University" (1985), "Managing Visions from Invisibility to Visibilty" (1988).

It was, in fact, Berit Ås who initiated the Rachel Carson Prize