Berit Ås - the initator of the Rachel Carson Prize

Prize history:

Placed reward on the table

The prize was initiated during a meeting in Stavanger in 1989, where professor Berit Ås had a lecture on the ecological chains. On discovering that the audience knew nothing about Rachel Carson, she became so shocked that she offered her reward for the lecture of NOK 2000 to establish the Rachel Carson Fund together with NOK 10 from each of the persons present.

This resulted in NOK 4000 to the fund, to be awarded to a female environmentalist. The initiative was followed up by 3 Stavanger women, Ms. Else Olsen, Ms. Brit Skjærvø and Ms. Venke Helene Thorsen, who invented the Rachel Carson Prize. The award bears Carson’s name to set a high standard and to signal that it rewards contributions to raise pulic awareness and build environmental attitudes in society over a long period of time.