Irma Bruun Hodne and "The Cormorant"

Irma Bruun Hodne:

Mother of the Cormorant is dead

(02.03.2011) The sculptor Irma Bruun Hodne has passed away, 91 years of age.

She spent more than 60 years of her life in Stavanger. She made the "Cormorant", the magnificent bronze statuette that all the Rachel Carson Laureates receive together with a sum of money. Happy owners in the USA, Canada,France, Sweden,Germany and Norway now are taking great pleasure in this statuette.

The cormorant is a very suitable symbol of Rachel Carson's engagement in caring for the vulnerable marine life.

Irma took part in our prize ceremonies and banquets, and with her very special and warm humour she shared with us many a good story from a long and very eventful life.

The Board of the Rachel Carson Prize are grateful for having known this extraordinary woman and artist, and for being allowed to continue to give this magnificent statuette to women engaged in preserving our environment also in the future.